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Governor Haley has issued an Executive Order to grant leave with pay for State Employees for the absences beginning October 5, 2016. All exempt and non-exempt salary employees should account for time away from work by entering their hours into ITAMS using leave type "HAZW-PAID Paid Weather Time" for applicable hours they were scheduled to work during this closure.
If you were not an essential employee and did not work during the closure, please allocate only enough HAZW-PAID hours to meet your schedule for the week. For example, if you are a 37.5 hour per week employee, your total reported hours before October 5th plus HAZW-PAID time on or after October 5th should equal 37.5 for the week.
Non-exempt essential employees who were required to work during this time will earn compensatory time on an hour-for-hour basis for the number of hours worked. Please select "Comp Banked" at the top of your timesheet, unless otherwise instructed by your department.
Please have all timesheets submitted and approved by end of day Sunday, October 23, 2016.
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